The Guides

Our vision is to support the indigenous communities through sustainable eco-tourism, we partner with local men from the immediate area to help you get the most out of your Raja Ampat sea kayak experience.

Their knowledge of the conditions, natural environment and culture is greatly valued and a key to explore Raja Ampat both above and below the water.

Rombles Papato

As a Guide Trainer especially in English language, Rombles Papato is very familiar with the weather conditions and natural environment. He comes from Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Since he started guiding and teach English, the other local guide really enjoy to learning English, and they improve their skills in English.
Rombles Papato

Ayub Mambrasar

Ayub is a very friendly guide, good with clients and very caring. He has a lot of energy and is always keen for a kayak. His English is improving quickly and he loves a good laugh and sing a Papuan’s song during the trip!
Ayub Mambrasar

Yesaya Mambraku

Yesaya is a very strong, confident character. He enjoys the longer, more challenging kayak trips, and is good at coming up with creative ideas for any difficulties along the way. He enjoys having a laugh with clients and is easy to get along with.
Yesaya Mambraku
“Dari tanah kami lahir, Dari tanah kami tinggal, Dengan adanya keperdulian terhadap alam ciptaan Tuhan,
serta pemanfaatnya di dalamnya kami hidup.”
“From the land we were born,
To the land we will return,
With the awareness of God’s creation in nature,
and in its benefits to which we live.”
Orgenes Dimara, owner of Mandos Guesthouse, Raja Ampat.

Please note that these men are not comparable to a typical kayak guide. Having no formal training, it is best to view these guides as local escorts.  They have a basic understanding of rescue techniques, First Aid, and simple English. Our hope is to continue educational projects – improving their skills over time.