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Honouring our founding vision our professional sea kayaks are built by a local Papuan team.

 All our kayaks are handmade by Papuans

All our kayaks are handmade by Papuans

Our kayaks are built in the RARCC fiberglass workshop from specially designed molds, donated by Kaskazi Kayaks in South Africa.

These kayaks are made of modern hand layup fiberglass and under the instruction of our resident fiberglass expert, selected teams of local Papuans are responsible for the construction of their own kayaks, providing them the opportunity to learn valuable new skills for the future.
The kayaks come with large loading capabilities, rudder control and a long sleek design ideal for sea kayaking.

We are skilled in producing 3 models:

  • sit-on-top single kayak (not available for rent at present)
  • sit-inside single kayaks
  • sit-inside double kayaks

Technical specifications

Single KayakDouble Kayak
Length530 cm585cm
Width58 cm68cm
Load capacity160 kg260 kg
Weight of kayak28-31 kg45-50 kg (!)
Bulk Head23
Front Hatch size30cmX30cm (Oval Shape)30cmX30cm (Oval Shape)
Rear Hatch size30cmX40cm (Oval Shape)30cmX40cm (Oval Shape)

Watch the magic happen

Fiberglass kayaks under construction in our RARCC Hanger, Kri Island.