Please note, as of June 1st, Kayak4Conservation has moved from the village of Saporkreng, and is now operating on Kri island in affiliation with Papua Diving resorts. 

Raja Ampat has a micro-climate, due to its proximity to the equator. Where we are based it is largely protected by several mountainous land masses to the North. It is only during the Southern winds that are we more exposed while sea-kayaking. Regular weather observations were not made in this area, and available data is not detailed. The South-East monsoon sets in during the latter part of May, and abates during the month of October. The North-Westerly monsoon is established by December and continues until March. The equatorial weather makes for good kayaking all year round. From June to August, however, it is more windy, bringing larger swells due to the exposer on the Southern parts of the islands. We do not advise novice paddlers to plan their trip during this period. There is no debating the fact that our biggest concern throughout the year is sun exposure. We are only 26 nautical miles South of the Equator, thus sun exposure causing heat stroke, exhaustion and dehydration is the largest concern. Please prepare accordingly by, regularly applying ample sun protection (lotion), protective clothing, sun hat and water bottles!

8 Day Package – 5 Day Kayak Trip: Option A (Arborek)
Difficulty : ★★★★★
Package price: 1270 p.p. OR Rp. 25.700.000 p.p.
Costs do NOT include, flights both international and domestic, Required Marine Park Entrance fee (Rp1,000,000 as of 14 May ’17), additional tours such as bird watching, boat excursions, additional guide fees if requested
8 Day Package – 5 Day Kayak Trip: Option B (Gam)
Difficulty : ★★★★★
Package price: 1270 p.p. OR Rp. 25.700.000 p.p.
Costs do NOT include, flights both international and domestic, Required Marine Park Entrance fee (Rp1,000,000 as of 14 May ’17), additional tours such as bird watching, boat excursions, additional guide fees if requested
11 Day Package – 9 Day Kayak Trip
Difficulty : ★★★★ (Adventure)
*one night of camping
Package price: 1660 p.p. OR Rp. 33.600.000 p.p.
Costs do NOT include, flights both international and domestic, Required Marine Park Entrance fee (Rp1,000,000 as of 14 May ’17), additional tours such as bird watching, boat excursions, additional guide fees if requested
14 Day Package – 11 Day Kayak Trip (FAM)
Difficulty : ★★★★ (Adventure)
**two nights of camping
Package price: 1970 p.p. OR Rp. 39.900.000 p.p.
Costs do NOT include, flights both international and domestic, Required Marine Park Entrance fee (Rp1,000,000 as of 14 May ’17), additional tours such as bird watching, boat excursions, additional guide fees if requested
14 Day Package – 11 Day Kayak Trip (SPECIAL TRIP: WAYAG)
Difficulty : ★★★★★ (Adventure)
Package price: 2820 p.p. OR Rp. 57.100.000 p.p.

The packages include: 

  • Fullboard meals
  • Accommodations
  • Wifi access at Kayak4Conservation guesthouse on Kri island
  • Boat transfers to and from Sorong, including ferry transfer
  • Taxi transfer from airport in Sorong to harbour and back
  • Guide fees
  • Kayak, paddle, PFD, and spray skirt rental

The packages do not include: 

  • International and domestic flights, airport taxes, transit hotel (if needed), visa and excess luggage charges
  • Marine Park Fees
  • Canned and alcoholic drinks
  • Boat excursions and specialized services: ie. bird watching, addition guide fees if requested
  • Camping gear & food for nights camping while on trip.

The closest airport is in Sorong on the mainland of West Papua. We are based on the island of Kri, in affiliation with Papua Diving resorts. We provide boat transfers from Sorong to Kri island with Papua Diving. Please contact us for transfer details and availability.

Yes, we can provide any flight reservation services upon request. Please get in touch with us. 

If you are booking flights independently, please visit for more information on flights

  • We advise all guests to have travel insurance.
  • In case of flight cancellation or major flight delays our transfer boat will not be able to wait.
  • Late arrival guests will then require a private boat.
  • The private boat fee should be claimed from the prearranged travel insurance. Please note: Private charters are subject to availability, especially at short notice.
  • You will need to arrive in Sorong on a scheduled transfer day (ex.sunday) in order to take the scheduled 09:30 am boat transfer to the island.
  • At Sorong airport you will be met by our staff and you will be assisted with clearance and baggage.
  • You will then be shuttled to our transfer boat to the island, which takes about 2 hours.

All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival, and have proof (tickets) of onward or return passage. A free Tourist Visa is provided to citizens of 45 countries (please check) entering Indonesia through international Airports Jakarta and Bali. At Manado Airport a Visa can only be obtained at a cost of 35US$.

 You do not need a Surat Jalan to enter Raja Ampat, only a Marine Park Tag.

Raja Ampat is a Marine protected area. All guests who are visiting Raja Ampat are required to purchase a Marine Park Tag. The fee for international visitors is Rp1,000,000 and Rp500,000 for Indonesian nationals. This Marine Park Tag can be purchased at the Tourism Office in Sorong, which is based directly across the access road to the airport. Alternatively we can purchase the Marine Park Tag for you upon request ahead of time. Please note: No kayaks will be issued to guests who cannot present their valid marine tag. Marine tags are valid for the period of one year from the date of issue.

Indonesia has 3 Time Zones, please be aware of this when booking domestic flights. Eastern Indonesia (Raja Ampat) : GMT +9

Please note that while on Kri your accommodations will NOT be at Papua Diving resorts, but at the Kayak4Conservation guesthouse. Meals and bedding will be provided. Internet (round two prong plug [european plug]) and wifi will be available at K4C accommodations on Kri, but not during the trip. Laundry services are unfortunately not available. See next tab.

We will arrange accommodations for you at the various local guesthouses along the kayak trip. 

We can arrange accommodations in Sorong upon request.

Should you be looking for more exclusive accommodations or a dive package before or after your sea kayaking adventure, please contact Papua Diving Resorts directly

The guesthouses that we work with all belong to local people in this area. Thus, please take note that they have not been trained in any hospitality schools of any form and service can be “basic”. If you are expecting resort services, this it not for you.

A diet of fish, rice and some greens (veggies) is provided at these guesthouses during meal times- the staple diet of the people in Raja Ampat-
Accommodation comes in the form of a building made from natural material found in the forest. Some building are set up over the water, where as others are inland tucked behind the forest.
Mattresses, bedsheets, towels, pillows and a mosquito net is provided in each room.
Please note: there is only electricity in the evenings from about 6-9pm via small generator at the local guesthouses. There is no wifi at the guesthouses.

While on Kri island, this will be a day of rest for both staff and guests from 6pm on Friday evening to 6pm on Saturday evening and no guided activities are offered. Snorkeling can be done from shore or kayaks can be used to explore the island (unguided) – guests are requested to collect, clean and store the kayaks independently. Meals will be provided.

  • Valid Insurance Card
  • A passport valid from 6 months from the time of entry. Nationals of most countries will be granted a 30-day Visa on Arrival. Please be sure you have one full empty page in your passport in which to put the visa sticker. Please check latest regulations. You may be asked by Indonesian Immigration officials to show a copy of your airline ticket out of Indonesia within the 30-day period.
  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins – we do not rent snorkeling equipment.
  • Dry Bags – to pack your gear in during the kayak trip.
  • Water bottle or camel pack. We provide you with additional water containers, but bring your own personal bottle to fill up as well.
  • Toiletries, insect repellent & medications Eg: Broad spectrum antibiotics, painkillers, anti-diarrhoea’s, laxatives, antihistamine, decongestant, anti-biotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, cold & flu meds, swimmer’s ear, anti-biotic ear/eye drops)
  • Sun protection, hats and sunglasses and sunscreen and long-sleeved shirts. We are situated very close to the Equator. Fishing shirts work best as they fit loosely – rash guards are much warmer.
  • Insect repellant & light coloured clothes. Although there are very few mosquitoes on the island, Malaria is present in Papua. Take special care in the early morning and just before sunset. Long sleeves and long pants and mosquito repellent will help to protect you; common sense and normal precautions apply.
  • Flashlight/ Torch for getting to the guesthouse bathrooms at night and for early Bird-of-Paradise hikes
  • Good walking shoes & binoculars (especially if you want to join visit the Birds of paradise)
  • Rechargeable batteries (for torches, cameras) Please plan carefully to minimize your rubbish. When possible, choose rechargeable batteries. We also encourage you to take them back to your home country since we try to minimize rubbish and cannot easily dispose of it.
  • For nights camping: camping gear and food for those nights/days spent camping along the 11 and 14 Day Packages.

This is Indonesia, and we are in the remote parts of Papua. In Raja Ampat there are a fine mix between both Muslim and Christian religions and we ask that you are considerate to both. For both men and woman, please be sure to be dressed in “modest attire”… what does this all mean? Speedos and bikinis alone are not appropriate and we ask that you cover up. Think along the lines of board shorts, fishermen shirts, rash guards, sarongs – This will double as protection from the sun also. There is no such thing as a nudist beach here in Papua, so please keep those practices in your own country and respect that you are in someone else’s land.

Yes, guides are mandatory. Our mission is to support the people in this area through sustainable tourism development. By making use of a local guide you are directly participating in this mission.

Yes, we will run a trip even if you are just one person on your own. The concept of Kayak4Conservation is to support local economy, whether you are one of six people we still support those participating. We cap the trips at 6 guests maximum.

No, we require you to make use of our kayaks when joining a trip.

There are a number of settlements and villages in the area that we can rely on for the most basic health care. We are far away from any major medical facilities and thus we encourage people not to be negligent or take any unnecessary chances. Spot Beacon II devices are available for rent that can transmit messages and GPS coordinates, by which we can locate and then retrieve you via speedboat. As always, prevention is better than cure!

Please bring a valid insurance card with you. 

Malaria is present in Papua, however there are only few mosquitoes on our island. Mosquito repellent is recommended at dawn and dusk and when passing through greater risk areas such as Sorong. Some malarial prophylactics cause adverse reactions and also with prolonged usage. Please discuss your travel plans with your Doctor and conduct your own risk assessment.

By nature, sea-kayaking is a physically exerting activity and thus it is important to be in relatively good physical condition. Being physically fit, capable and aware, yet not having much experience is a good step in the right direction. For those who have never done sea-kayaking before, we ask that you first build up some basic experience by doing short day trips nearby where you live. We also highly recommend new kayakers to visit for more information on sea-kayaking, skills, and equipment needed before attempting a multi-day kayak trip.

Have you seen Manta Rays, Birds of Paradise, Bamboo Sharks and others yet? Be prepared … One reason to love kayaking is that while gliding through the water, not disturbing nor polluting the area around, you can come very close to some of the most beautiful creatures of Raja Ampat. There are particular locations around the islands which are more reliable for certain species of wildlife which your guide will point out to you as you explore the area.

Should we tell you what you need to hear, or what you want to hear? The fact is that there are some Salt Water Crocodiles in Raja Ampat, although they are not very common. There are some areas (mainly mangroves) where they have been found. We advise guests to stay clear of these areas and not swim there. Crocodiles are to be respected but not feared, and can easily be avoided with a little caution. Sadly no research has been done on these creatures in the immediate area. Our hopes are to setup a research program shortly in order to get a better understand of where these creatures are and thus provide more concrete data to all visitors of Raja Ampat. If you are interested in supporting and becoming involved in such research please contact us directly.

No, Kayak4Conservation is a sea-kayak operation. We do not provide any diving or tour services. All arrangements in this regard should be done independently with our partner Papua Diving. Please get in touch with them directly

Sadly, even in the most beautiful of natural environments the greed of man is around. By no means are we saying that Papua, nor Raja Ampat is a dangerous place to be. We do however ask that you are vigilant about your gear and belongings, both before, during and after your kayaking trip. Please be discrete as to where you keep your valuables. As they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.”